Make sure that the best moments of your life are recorded in video.


Share emotions with friends, family and teammates.


See your videos anywhere, anytime, on any computer or smartphone.

What's Veedmee

Veedmee takes social and corporate interaction to another level.

It’s video engagement.

Share emotion and ideas in your personal life and corporate communication. Give movement to your social skills.

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If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a million.

Nothing gets you closer while you’re far away. And even when you can’t be there in professional moments you can convey your message in several different languages.

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Bring family, work and fun together. Use Veedmee to engage with your friends and other businesses in a simple and effective way.

Improve your communication with video and audio that fits seamlessly with your life and business.

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Step into the next level of sharing your ideas. Record and send a video and let the feelings come through.

With Veedmee you can communicate in a better, social way. Your emotions are live.


With Veedmee you can set up an advertising campaign. Just add a short corporate commercial video attached to your message. Or simply use Veedmee to introduce your business to potential clients.

Record a short and effective video and manage your video ad campaigns within Veedmee Corporate plans.

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VeedMee offers you the possibility to track your advertising campaigns to be sure that you can achieve your company goals.

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Web Solution

Veedmee is a cross-platform videomail app that works in Mac OS X and Windows..

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Mobile app

Download our free VeedMee app for your smartphone right now!


“With VeedMee our company boosted advertising campaigns. This is truly a new way to communicate!”
Sarah S.

Sarah S.

“Now I can send videos for my family anywhere in the world. Is way better than a simple SMS or a MMS ”
Annie C.

Annie C.