100 million users watch online video every day

Video is the most viewed medium on the Internet, 100 million online views per day, and is an incredible digital tool for businesses.

100 million users watch online video every day

According to recent studies, about 100 million online users watch video every single day. The truth is that video has repeatedly proved its ability to touch and engage people. Video content triggers immediate reactions and for that reason, it is more ‘shareable’ than plain text.

But how long do they spend watching video ads? According to ComScore, 6 minutes and 49 seconds per month. Still, not only the high rates of viewership count, but also the reasons that lead to a specific type of video content.

Even though video shares emotion and information like no other medium, the truth is that each video serves a different purpose but all must engage viewers within the first 20 seconds, otherwise they’re gone.

The key features that have contributed to the rise and development of video content are: emotion, speed, interactivity, shareability and its creative knowledge acquisition process.

Video is the most shareable content and also has the most “staying” power, and therefore, is the most viewed.

100 million users watch video every day

Evidently, the evolution of information technologies and the increasing usage of mobile devices have accelerated this process. However the truth is that video is a trend that has taken off over last few years but has come to stay since it can lead to thousands if not millions of views and a lot of buzz.

Video content has changed the way businesses market to consumers and has revolutionised business relationships and the way we communicate with one another in our day-to-day lives.