With Veedmee distance becomes proximity

Use Veedmee to be in permanent contact with your co-workers and friends.

With Veedmee distance becomes proximity

With globalization, business travel is on the rise and companies expect their employees to wring even greater productivity and efficiency from business trips.

Every year, there are thousands of conferences, seminars, and training sessions taking place all over the world.

Avoid unnecessary business trips, reducing costs for the company. If meeting in person is not an absolute must, use Veedmee and its modern communication tools instead. Veedmee helps you communicate your main ideas to your team or target audience, in very little time.

Veedmee distance becomes proximity

With Veedmee you’ll learn how to manage your time well. For instance, if you’re on vacation with your family or just spending family quality time on a Sunday, Veedmee is the perfect solution when you have make a last minute decision.

Or, on a completely different note, if you’re expected to have a period of time away from your family and friends, flooded with meetings and presentations, working non-stop on the preparation needed for these events, take 5 minutes to exchange videoemails with them.

No matter how tired you are, seeing a smile on your kids face is all you need and is a beautiful reminder of what really matters.

Don’t let distance come in the way.  Use Veedmee to be professional and productive at the same time.

The emotion of Video and the interactivity of Veedmee

Video combines sight, sound and motion. With Veedmee you can connect to anyone with ease and confidence.

The emotion of Video and the interactivity of Veedmee

Video creates emotional triggers that motivate and engage people, and that other forms of media simply cannot.

In a rather elegant and efficient way, video entices and interests your customers.

Customers easily lose interest in Text or Static images, whereas video with its dynamic content (sight, sound and motion) always provides an impact.

Emotions play a huge role in how consumers act and react. Emotions drive decisions and change mind-sets.Emotion of Video and the interactivity of Veedmee

For example, when promoting a new Ad campaign or presenting a pitch, if you use Video as part of your presentation or as your core strategy, you can record your video and afterwards add a good soundtrack to it.

By using the right music, you can dictate exactly how you want your viewer to feel.

Video also helps to portray your company’s image in a compelling way that also instills trust, confidence and professionalism. It’s an appealing way of introducing yourself to your clients and colleagues and a smart way of having their direct feedback.

Create “Behind the scenes” moments with Veedmee

Use Veedmee to give your clients’ access to “Behind the scenes” moments at your company.

Create “Behind the scenes” Veedmee

Shoot behind the scene clips at your company and send them to your clients. It humanizes your brand and your targeted audience feels invited to be part of your business.

You can go even further by putting some cameras in the hands of your employees and letting them create creative contents through Veedmee.

They can film internal meetings scenes, teamwork activities, teammates bonding and socializing with one another or with their supervisors. These are just some ideas out of many possibilities.Create “Behind the scenes” moments with Veedmee

This kind of atmosphere encourages a culture of respect and stimulates a relaxed and supportive work environment within the company, which is very important to ensure that employees are happy and dedicated to their work.

For example, each teammate could upload a short friendly video with Veedmee, saying who they are and what they do for the company, while mentioning the various services and products that the company has to offer.

Veedmee will boost your credibility and inspire your clients and prospects.

2014 is the year of Video

This year, use the best video email platform, Veedmee, to share interesting videos around the world.

2014 year video

Video is the best and most effective way to tell a story.

Marketers around the world say video is the future of content marketing. Why do marketers choose videos over text?

Because videos are more engaging and entertaining, they allow you to convey emotion and personality, and it is a lot easier to get a video to rank on the first page of Google than it is to get a standard web page to rank on page one.

Improve your business this year. Take client and staff entertaining to a whole new level by sharing videoemails, anytime, anywhere.

2014 is the year of Video

If you’re late for an important meeting why don’t you just record a videoemail with Veedmee and instantly send it to your office?

While the video is being watched the briefing is being automatically translated to text. Thus, your team can access all the information they need at a glance.

If you want to create long-lasting relationships with your clients, why don’t you send them a special Veedmee greeting video over Christmas?

Let your clients and team see how professional you are. Don’t waste time. Send videos through Veedmee with one Click and for free.

How to login on Veedmee?

Haven’t started using Veedmee to send your videos and share your emails, yet? Then learn how to login. How to login on Veedmee The Veedmee platform was developed to maximize the number of videos and emotions you share.It’s intuitive, quick and very easy to use.

How to make your application, step by step:  You can also watch the tutorial video here.

Step 1: Start by accessing the Veedmee website using this URL: http://veedmee.com.

Step 2: Then click on the Register button in the upper right corner.

Step 3: Complete the form with your data: first name, last name, the email address you want to associate with your Veedmee account, and finally your password. Click next.

Step 4: Choose the Veedmee plan that best suits your needs. After choosing, click next again.

Step 5: You are already registered on Veedmee.

Now you just have to confirm the email address you provided, click the link to confirm the creation of your account and activate it. In 5 steps you can start sending videos to all your friends and business partners. Do not wait any longer, sign up now and start sharing your emotions.