The importance of motivational videos for Entrepreneurs

Motivation is key for entrepreneurial success and videoemails is the most powerful way entrepreneurs have to get through to their employees.

The importance of motivational videos Entrepreneurs

Motivational videos can be extremely important to generate strong emotions and boost positive attitudes towards work and life.

Motivational videos are part and parcel of today’s way of doing business because they go beyond words and help teams get through the day, even when under tight deadlines.

How many times do companies have to ask their professionals to go the extra mile? With Veedmee you can record and send videos that may inspire them to work harder and exhibit even more commitment.

If you use these videos to make your teams feel consulted and valued, stimulating them to feel like they are part of the decision-making process, it will have a direct and deep impact on their performance and on overall final results.

The importance of motivational videos for Entrepreneurs

With Veedmee you can manage one-to-one relationships more effectively. Throughout all careers you will go through successes and failures but with the right amount of motivation, celebrations and overcomes create extremely strong ties among you and those who you work with.

Motivation is key to success because it provides the strength and sense of purpose that drives people to achieve goals and pushes the company forward into new developments and opportunities.

Share willingness and determination by customizing motivational videos for corporate events and meetings with Veedmee.

Email marketing through Video

Add value to your company by integrating video in your email marketing strategies.

Email marketing through Video

Recent studies show that 60% of marketers, out of 600 businesses, are using Video for email marketing purposes.

The reason behind this increased use of video may be the fact that it has been proven that Website visitors, for example, tend to stay longer on websites that have videos. More website traffic means more visitors which means more people to convert to leads and sales.

Another fact that may have contributed for this growth is that recent studies have revealed that simply mentioning the word “video” in an email’s subject line increased click-through rates.

The combination of video and email marketing has shown to be an effective strategy. But what is the best way of using Video as an email-marketing tool?

Video Advertising on Orange Keyboard Button.


Well, that varies from organization to organization. So what works best for your organization is something you will have to discover with time and experimentation.

Still, most marketers have stated that the most successful approach is to create a link from the email (which can be a thumbnail image of a video) to a video landing page or video in a website.

With the platform Veedmee you can include video in your email marketing campaigns without having to worry about length restrictions.

In terms of video email contents, video testimonials product demonstrations and thank you messages have proven to be a great selling point for your products and services.

Veedmee has its own Android app

With Veedmee you can record unlimited videos from your smartphone or tablet, wherever you are.

Veedmee has its own Android App

Veedmee’s Android app is alive, free and running!

Veedme’s tablet-optimized version of its Android app is everything you expect: completely free to download, use and share, very easy to navigate and has innumerous useful features and customizations!

Have a video you want to share? Login on Veedmee, find the person you’d like to send it to on your smartphone or tablet contact list, and select them. It’s exactly the same process as using a regular email but it is cleaner, well organized and easier to use.

With Veedmee you can create corporate and personal videos or video ads on your smartphone or tablet, anytime, anywhere. Are you worried about your video recording length? Do you want to increase it? The answer is: use Veedmee and you don’t have to worry anymore!

Veedmee has own Android app

Veedmee offers a plan that gives you unlimited video recording time and high GB space.

Smartphone and Tablet cameras have evolved quite a lot in recent time, and now shooting high quality videos couldn’t be easier. With the new Veedmee app you’re ready to film anything and everything on the go.

Install this fantastic app by login in with your personal or professional email address.

The Veedmee app requires iOS 6.0 or later. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is also optimized for iPhone 5. Available now for Android 3.0 and up.

You can get Veedmee’s app from iTunes, App store and Google Play.

The evolution of video technologies

The increased use and constant evolution of technology, mobile devices and online communications.

The evolution of video technology

Technology has evolved considerably each and every decade and truth be said, it has improved impressively convenience and efficiency in numerous ways.

Before technology was introduced in our day-to-day lives, most things were done manually and took (at the very least) twice the time. It seems crazy to think of our world without the technology we have today.

A couple of decades ago, back before technology, if you wanted to send a note to the office or to any of your co-workers, you simply handwrote, or typed on a mechanical typewriter. Afterwards you would have to ask someone to go down there, send it by post or deliver it yourself.

The evolution of video technologies

That is unthinkable in the technological Era we live today. Veedmee optimizes communication workflows for both the sender and receiver because it allows team members and supervisors to exchange information through video instead of text, which means both sender and receiver can exchange great amounts of information without having to move from their desks.

Sending video emails saves time and permits new levels of interaction between people because it creates a multi-user environment.

In the modern digital age, businesses are increasingly disconnecting from landline phones and doing all of their business either online or using cell phones. Mobile phones have improved from being shaped like a brick to very intelligent technology known as the iPhone!

These new phones, also known as smartphones, are constantly filled with new apps and new features. Veedmee is an innovative way of expanding technology, enabling productivity to grow.

Tell your company’s story through video

Video is the most sincere and authentic way of telling your co-workers and clients, the story of your company.

Tell your company's story through video

A company’s story is a company’s vision. A story encapsulates core values. Create a video celebrating the milestones of your company; show all achievements, awards and notable events.

Having a “company story” recorded in video is powerful and contributes to making an emotional connection with clients and co-workers.

Shoot a video that captures the essence of your business and recognizes the importance of your talented and versatile professionals. Remind everyone what you have conquered together. Look back with a sense of accomplishment and gratitude and look ahead with a sense of renewed commitment and enthusiasm for achievements yet to come.

Tell your companys story through video

Challenge your colleagues and subordinates to identify key factors for the company’s future success. Accept ideas and encourage innovative suggestions. Give voice to your team members, listen to what they have to say and assure them that their opinions are important to you.

With video, the reason of the company’s existence and personality is brought to life and shared with everyone. Video allows you to capture emotions and transmit your brand message in a way that would be lost if written down.

Anyone can tell a story but not everyone can tell in naturally and in an appealing way. It is crucial to know the needs, interests, preferences, ambitions and concerns of both your professionals and customers, to ensure they are met.

Send a video CV to your future employer with Veedmee

Recording a video CV with Veedmee is a great way of making your CV stand out from the piles of resumes that recruiters receive.

Send a video CV to your future employer

Stand out by recording a video CV with Veedmee and sending it to your future employer. A catchy and original CV is the best tool you have at your fingertips during a job hunt.

When shooting the video CV you have to take into consideration some important aspects:

– Your video CV should be clear, concise and enthusiastic;

– It should be tailored to the specific job and company you are applying for;

– Do some research and show you know about the company beyond what’s on their website but also how it aligns with what you can offer;

– Make eye contact, smile and use facial expressions to engage your targeted audience;

Send video CV to future employer

– Focus on things that tell why you fit for their requirements and give examples to illustrate your skills and attitudes;

– Don’t make your video too long (60 to 120 seconds). Grab your viewer’s attention early on;

– If possible appeal to the sense of humor, but in a light and pleasant manner.

With a video CV, the employer gets a feel for your personality, how motivated you are and can see that you would be a perfect fit within the team. They will remember your face and voice, which is much more powerful than a simple piece of paper.

Video CV’s express individuality. Video CV’s come in several different formats whereas paper CV’s, tend to have a set format which makes them less appealing and less communicative.

Selfie Vs. Veedmee

A Selfie captures a self-portrait; Veedmee records the authentic essence of a person.

Selfie Vs Veedmee

Selfies became a global phenomenon since the 2014 Oscar’s ceremony. From that day onwards, millions of people across the world started posting self-portraits (Selfies) of themselves on social media.

Selfie is the self-portrait of the digital era, Instagram has over 90 million photos posted with the hashtag #me.

A video says much more than 1000 thousand Selfies, because photographs only capture a moment in time, whereas video captures the total essence of your most special moments.

Not only do videos contain more details such as movement, dialogue, facial expressions, and consequently more emotional resonance but above all, videos are truer. Videos are more authentic.

Selfie Veedmee

When remembering a moment, you want to remember what it felt and sounded like, and a photograph can’t take you there, but a video can. A photograph only provides a piece of a frozen moment, with no context or naturalness.

We pose for photos, but even if we want to pose for a video, our spontaneity is always released and apprehended at some point as well as all the unpredictable things that happen in the surroundings, during the recording.

Now that smartphones can do video, and networks are fast enough to transmit and display video, why not connect with people in a more meaningful and truthful way by making video a global phenomenon too?

Send “Good morning” wishes with Veedmee

Send personal or corporate good morning videos across the world, using the free and video email service, Veedmee.

send good morning wishes with veedmee

Brighten up your friends and colleagues day by sending them good morning videos with Veedmee.

The majority of how we communicate (65% to 93%) is non-verbal. Mostly we communicate through our eyes, facial expressions and body language so take advantage of these numbers and send over motivational video-emails to everyone around you.

These videos can make them start off their days from a point of strength and confidence.

Also, it will have an impact on your day, for happier and more productive people will surround you. You will be surprised at how these bits of in-person interaction help build rapport between you and those who work with you.

good morning with veedmee

By using Veedmee to send these videos, not only will you have a better day but also you’ll be more effective and efficient at work and more emotionally available to your friends and family. Start this domino effect of people feeling great and encouraged.

Morning is the time of the day when you’re at your freshest and sharpest, capable of producing more and better work. Therefore, it is the ideal moment to fill the mind with positive energy stimulation!