Video: an original way of teaching your children

Video, an original way of teaching your children

Video, an original way of teaching your children

Motivating students to be (enthusiastically) receptive to learn new things, is not an easy task. Video is a great way of inspiring and enlightening kids to be creative and confident, to give their all and to try to achieve something, to chase their dreams.

Because it combines audio and image, video tells stories that are emotionally powerful. While kids are receiving the logical information, they are simultaneously listening to music and watching a sequence of images that portray what’s being said or written.

Video constitutes a fantastic teaching tool because of its versatility, not only does it engage students by connecting ideas with emotion, but also, makes them active participants in the learning process.

For instance, if you are teaching geography and giving an insight about all the different cultural realities that exist across the globe, isn’t video the most authentic way of showing the complexity of the issue at hand?

Video, original way of teaching your children

Using digital images/video in the classroom is a great way to of bringing life to lessons because it allows students to use a variety of skills, helping them to grasp and retain information. It sparks communication and stimulates students to be focused.

Teachers can also challenge students by having them create their own videos. These videos can have several themes and may encourage kids to play outdoors, make friends, connect with nature, enjoy unique experiences, live a healthy life, and last but not least, do their homework!

Videos promote discussion and discovery, incentivizing kids to be mentally involved and to make connections to the world beyond their classroom walls.

An enjoyable learning environment, that is fun, open, respectful, caring and safe, provides children with the confidence and foundation to help them attain their all their goals and become happy civilized adults.

Video establishes the best practices within your organization

Use video to communicate best practices within your organization and to motivate your employees.

Video establishes best practices within your organization

Improving communication workplace is a battle that every organization faces. Implementing best practices is fundamental for your company’s success, both individually and as a team. So why not be innovative and share them through video with your audience?

By combining video with digital media tools to communicate, company’s can change messaging and update information much more quickly and easily than when using traditional paper or text-based methods.

Here are a few examples of best practices in business and of exemplary leadership.

Set high level challenging but achievable annual priorities that align with your vision and mission. Use video to communicate, engage and interact with your team members and employees.

Video establishes the best practices within your organisation

Best practice employers foster flexibility to achieve a better balance between work and family responsibilities for all employees.Include each and everyone in your communication. Ensure people with disabilities (visual impairment, reading disorder, etc.) have information presented to them in an acceptable format.

Introduce new employees to their colleagues, explaining the role of key people, including those they will be working closely with.

Provide detailed information and answer all questions. Be receptive to feedback and opinions. Include positive feedback about what the employee does well.

Ensure all procedures are fair and unbiased. And don’t ever forget that motivated people are successful people!

Video and the Ice-bucket challenge

The Ice-bucket challenge is the living proof of how video can really make the difference.
Video and the Ice-bucket challenge

The Ice Bucket Challenge is a clear example of how powerful, influential and positive video can be. The ice bucket challenge was a run-away success for those raising awareness about ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis).

Video is an incredibly effective way of explaining concepts and making a lasting impression because of its ability to deliver a fast and informative piece of information, in a creative manner.

The Ice Bucket Challenge is a social media campaign that began in America in the summer of 2014 and emerged as a worldwide phenomenon almost instantly. The results of last week show The Ice Bucket Challenge has raised considerably more than $100 million for research into degenerative neurological disease.

The campaign simply consists in challenging some of your contacts, via Facebook or Twitter, to produce a video where they have a bucket of ice-cold water poured over their head. Scores of celebrities from Tom Cruise to Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates have taken part the Ice Bucket Challenge.

video ice bucket challenge

This proves how video has an impact, unmatched by any other medium, on social behaviors and choices, especially online.

A well-done video has the capacity to quickly and more thoroughly capture the audience’s attention because of its matchless way of illustrating ideas. From near and far you can watch a video through a simple click.

Veedmee gives you the possibility of creating videos with high definition and entertainment value. You may create your own viral campaign from your smartphone or tablet. Share the great ideas hidden in the back of your mind, with the rest of the world.

Veedmee offers all the functions and facilities for you to produce an artistic video that can make a difference in the lives of others. Don’t let your imagination run away with you. Make it count!

Use video to share breaking news with your clients

Connecting to clients and prospects through video is proven to generate results. Find out why.
Use video to share breaking news with your clients

Video is a great approach for company’s to share breaking news with clients and solicit feedback. It’s a simple and easy way for businesses to promote their products or services and to keep their customers up to date with the latest news, specials and information.

Sharing information with your clients is fundamental to your business. Clients enjoy being part of the creative process and seeing their dreams and wishes come true. Clients enjoy a more complete, thorough and professional experience as the one Veedmee’s app can provide.

When creating an informative video for your clients, include information about your company’s latest notable achievements, charitable events and company anniversaries, or tell your existing or prospective customers about your new products, services, special offers, promotions, etc.

Develop a genuine interest in your client’s needs; clients like to be clear about what is expected of them and how they are perceived. Keep them informed in a regular basis.  If you go a while without hearing from or reaching out to a client, the relationship isn’t going to go anywhere or do much for either party. 

Use video to share breaking news with clients

In an ideal world the best way to show a video to clients is to bring the client into your office but if it turns out to be impossible, use Veedmee to send it to their inbox but make a phone call afterwards, to ensure they properly received it and to know their honest opinion. You stand a good chance of retaining your clients when you show them you care.

In your relationship with clients not only is it important that you check in on them and catch but also make sure to update them consistently of what is happening with the job they have hired you to do. Client retention is vital to your business’ growth and profitability.Strengthen your relationship with them by investing in the videos you send through Veedmee.Make high-quality videos with well thought content. If you neglect your clients, they may take their business elsewhere.

Make your clients feel important. If you show you care, you will have no trouble in getting your clients to return many times over.

The importance of video angles

Video angles can significantly increase the quality of your videos and have a positive impact on your video ranking success.
The importance of video angles

The term camera angle or video angle always refers to the way a shot is composed. Camera shots are used to demonstrate different aspect of a film’s setting, characters and themes. Reason why they very important in shaping meaning in a video.

Knowing camera angles and some other basic principles can make a big difference and will help you to produce better quality videos. Rather than filming in one continuous take, divide the scene into separate shots.

To create an interesting video you need to include a variety of different types of shots.

Shots are commonly divided up into the following categories:

An extreme long shot or establishing shot is often used at the beginning of a scene or a film to establish general location (setting).

The importance video angles

A long shot gives the viewer a more specific idea of setting. A long shot may show the building where the action will take place, for example.

A full shot shows the characters costumes and might also help to demonstrate the relationships between characters.

A mid shot or social shot contains the characters or a character from the waist up. From this shot, viewers can see the character’s faces more clearly as well as their interactions.

A close-up or personal shot contains just one character’s face. This shot enables viewers to understand the actor’s emotions.

An extreme close-up contains one part of a character’s face or other object. This shot creates an intense mood and provides interaction between the audience and the viewer.

How can you make your video go viral?

Having a video go viral is every marketer’s dream. Here are seven tips on how to make your video a huge success.
how make video go viral

Everyone knows by now, how powerful online video can be for visibility and growth. Making your video go viral is easier than it seems. Here are some tips to help you integrate online video in your marketing efforts and who knows, become the next social media phenomenon.

1) The most important element of online video is the content within the videos. Once the direction of the content is chosen, you should follow it up by creating a strategic plan. Integrate the video in the context of an overall marketing plan rather than viewing the video as the plan itself.

2) Reach out to relevant online influencers about a month in advance. Choose influencers who you know will relate to the theme you are exploring.  Just because someone has a large audience, doesn’t automatically make them an ideal partner. Do your research and choose wisely.

3) Use humor in your video. Humor, as a tool, should be used responsibly. If you want your video to make people laugh or smile, don’t “just add humor” as an afterthought, make sure that goal is captured before you put the video online. Test the script with your co-workers and make sure you choose the type of humor that best serves the story and your audience.

how can you make your video go viral

4) Don’t make your video too long! Statistics indicate people will watch approximately 3.5 minutes of a video before they get bored. It is recommended that your video last less than that. Viewers enjoy shorter clips.

5) In order to generate massive views and to move people to click that little “like” button and share the video with others, aim to make it friendly and warm. People are more likely to watch and even to contribute to your campaign if your videos feel friendly and authentic.

6) Don’t record your video somewhere where it’s noisy or windy. The voices in the video have to be audible.

7) Don’t forget, the message is the most important but it is best received within entertainment.

Now good luck and remember: nothing will unveil the true voice of your brand more than a great viral video.

Create a Veedmee Blog

Blogs are a great tool for influencing the search engines. Take them to a whole new level by creating a video blog with Veedmee!
Create a Veedmee blog

Blogs are a great tool to help boost search engine visibility. As online journals, you can use them to share information within an organization in an efficient, dynamic style.

These online diaries are a fantastic corporate tool for communicating with customers or employees to share knowledge and expertise. They put a human face behind an organization, so imagine if it were a video blog. You could actually present your company and co-workers to the business world.

Blogs give you the opportunity to create something that is unique. Before putting your video online, carefully write a strong headline and a quality script, using keywords or key phrases in copy and footers with hyperlinks to make the blog search engine friendly.

When visitors come to your video blog, they must know immediately what your blog is about. Bring your personality and the passion of your company with you. The best blogs combine facts and opinions. 

Create Veed blog

Blogging is a low-cost alternative to having a web presence and if you use Veedmee’s app, recording a video-blog is totally and completely free of costs. Video-blogging offers an inexpensive method to get your company or brand’s name out on the Internet.

Video blogs are still fairly new but they are becoming very popular because they have proven to be an extremely efficient way to attract and retain the attention of your target audience.

Vlogs (video blogs) give the ability to visualize as well as listen while communicating and enhance the atmosphere of moods through imagery. Videos are easier for visitors to watch, they take less time than reading a post. Also, you can post your daily videos on multiple websites in addition to your blog, increasing your online reach.

Vlogs expand your potential audience!

Camera Vs. Smartphone

When shooting a video, what do you choose, your Camera or your Smartphone? Find out the main differences.
camera vs smartphone

Nowadays, most smartphones and tablets can shoot videos, in some cases extremely sharp, high-definition videos. The great advantage of smartphones is that you can carry them with you at all times, as the size and weight of a smartphone is very convenient.

But although smartphone cameras are improving, they are still missing some major features found in regular digital cameras. If you dream of features like optical zoom, manual focus and exposure controls, support for external microphones, and potentially limitless storage on flash media, you need a camcorder.

The features that smartphones have are usually automatic, not manual, limiting control over the photographic outcome. In other words, for anything beyond basic home movies, a camcorder is probably still the best option.

The problem with any camcorder is that it is heavier than a smartphone, and not as easy to bring with you.

camera smartphone

For everyday shooting needs, like your kids doing something funny or cute, or grandma blowing out the birthday candles, a smartphone is a lot more convenient.

Also it is extremely easy to share that video on Facebook or other social media platform, whereas very few camcorders incorporate Wi-Fi for direct uploading to social networks.

Still, the creation of good images requires a variety of factors which digital cameras are much more suited to fulfill. For instance, cameras have noise control and control settings to define the accuracy of white and other colors, whilst smartphone cameras don’t have those functionalities.

Camcorders or smartphones, which device is best? Both are fantastic options so your choice should depend on your specific needs!

Video increasingly used to close business deals

Closing business deals can be very challenging. Video helps you to successfully complete that extremely important task.

Video increasingly used to close deals

Converting business prospects into leads is one thing, turning them into an actual deal, is another, and it can be very challenging.

Potential clients are looking for brands that know how to connect with them in a human and emotional way and Video is the best communication tool on the planet for sharing emotionally compelling messages.

Clients connect with businesses when they identify with their stories, so in order for you to grab your prospects attention, it is important that you tell a bit of your company’s story and beliefs in the beginning of the clip.

Since video is the most truthful and convincing way of sharing stories, it is widely recognized as the most sustainable tool to build trust and credibility.

Converting business prospects into leads is one thing, turning them into an actual deal, is another, and it can be very challenging.

Professional HD video camera in studio


Potential clients are looking for brands that know how to connect with them in a human and emotional way and Video is the best communication tool on the planet for sharing emotionally compelling messages.

Clients connect with businesses when they identify with their stories, so in order for you to grab your prospects attention, it is important that you tell a bit of your company’s story and beliefs in the beginning of the clip.

Since video is the most truthful and convincing way of sharing stories, it is widely recognized as the most sustainable tool to build trust and credibility.

On your video content, you should also include phrases that demonstrate that you know your client’s needs and that you have set realistic and obtainable goals.

Don’t forget to show with concrete examples, where you can add value to the business and how you intend to do it. You have to effectively convey how your skills are going to aid the client.

Video enables clients to see you and your business in action so make sure they feel through your facial expressions that you are carefully listening to what they have to say and that you understand exactly what they are asking you to provide. Understanding clients’ needs is key to closing a deal.

Video will help you close the best deals!