How to record and send a Veedmee

With Veedmee you can record, send and receive videos anytime, anywhere. Learn how to!

How to record and send a Veedmee

The first step is to download the Veedmee app, it is completely free for individual users and you can load it on multiple gadgets, so when you switch from a tablet to a desktop or a smartphone, there’s no need to worry because Veedmee is compatible with both Apple and Android devices.


You just go on Veedmee’s website and on the superior right corner there’s a little green button which reads: Free sign up. Just click on that button to start your login. You can access this website from any device with Internet access!


You can activate your account by logging in with your e-mail and password. Choose an email address and a password and fill in the blank cells with that info, if you can’t remember your password, you can reset it. Please note that by clicking the blue Login button you accept the terms and conditions of use.


As soon as you tap the Login button, an e-mail page will instantly open your mailbox where you can find your sent and received Veedmees. From now you’ll login with your email and password and if you forget your password we’ll email it to you.

How to record and send Veedmee

On the top bar of the page you will find 5 buttons: Record, Mailbox, Archive, Files and Contacts. Once you’ve downloaded the app, all devices can start recording video right away.


To start recording you can click Menu>Record. A small screen will pop up and to start it’s as simple as to press and hold the record button with one tick. As soon as you are finished just chink the Stop button below and the frame will capture your video.


You can watch and re-watch your recorded video as many times as you please, before sending it to one of your contacts. Complete the “To:” “Cc:” and “BCc” gaps and pin the blue Send button Son the left inferior corner.


Your video will be sent instantaneously to the contacts you have designated and automatically saved on your archive if you wish. It couldn’t be easier, simpler or faster. Don’t wait any longer, download your Veedmee app straight away and exchange videos across the world.


The video marketing goals

It is widely agreed that video marketing is the future for brands and businesses but what are its main goals?

The Video marketing goals

Advertising products through video is becoming increasingly popular among marketing professionals. But what are video marketing main goals?


The first important objective of including video in marketing campaigns is the fact that it is proven to be an extremely efficient way of exposing brands and businesses to the world. Not only because it is proven to be an effective way of connecting with audiences but also because it is the fastest and simplest way of communicating across national borders.


Secondly, because video has established itself as a great method of increasing sales, nurturing and leads generation. An increase of 51% was reported in subscriber-to-lead conversion rates when video was included in an email marketing campaigns.

The third purpose of using video in email marketing campaigns is related with its capacity of augmenting interactivity. By sending and receiving video messages, you create proximity ties with your present and future co-workers and customers, and build positive feelings towards your business. A recent study reveals that 40% of online users interact more easily with a video than with a text message.

The Video Mkt goals

To incorporate video in your marketing campaign and in order for your video to be successful within your targeted audience, the only thing you have to consider before recording it is to plan the messaging, production and delivery method in advance.


It is also agreed amongst marketers that the preferred channel to disseminate video is via e-mail because video increases the opening rate of emails in email marketing campaigns. A recent study showed that more than 65% of online users use email to diffuse video.


The video-email app, Veedmee, creates short-videos and enables you to record and exchange them directly from your email account. It’s simple, easy and has demonstrated to be very beneficial too boost and enhance both B2B and B2C communications.

With Veedmee, helps you achieve broad, generalized goals because simple messages acquire a strong meaning and you are given the possibility of creating corporate, instituitional or private videos and of sending them instantly to the office or to your family, anytime, anywhere. Time and distance are no longer barriers.

Showing Portugal through Veedmee

With Veedmee you can create short clips of all the amazing you have had the privilege to visit in Portugal.

Showing Portugal through Veedmee

Video is the best way of introducing and promoting your country to the world and with the amazing Veedmee app you can film short clips of incredible Portuguese spots, for example, and bring your audience exactly to where you are.


Take your mobile device with you everywhere you go and create Veedmees of all the sights and scenery. The Veedmee application is extremely versatile since it is compatible with both Apple and Android devices, which makes it exceptionally easy to create and send your content.


With the Veedmee application you can represent your country and create an immediate impression on your target audience. It’s an incredible way of putting out there the passion for your home country and your unique vision of it in a very short time.


With Veedmee you can capture the attention of audiences on the other side of the globe and give them the opportunity to get a ‘feel’ of what Portugal looks like throughout the year: landscapes, cities, monuments & attractions, paradisiacal sites, nature, wildlife, and people. The great advantage of Veedmee is that you can save your short clips on your desktop and view them over and over again.

Showing Portugal Veedmee

By downloading Veedmee and using it on your tablet or smartphone, not only can you show something happening but also, at the same time, you can describe it in words. You will get to the conclusion that it’s a fantastic way of unleashing your creative side, flair, abilities and aptitude.


Veedmee creates a timeless record that can be played anytime and while you video-email it to your friends, family and co-workers, you can also upload it instantly on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social networks, significantly increasing its shareability.


Through the years, cities and villages gain new features and buildings, overall countries change but with Veedmee you don’t have to miss any of the memorable features you have always cherished so much, you can always remember them by keeping a timeless video record.


By creating a Veedmee of your country you can add details related to any field, which you want people to know about and perpetuate the natural wonders, resources, history and romance, that you love, honor and appreciate about your country.



Record hilarious videos of your pets

We all need a good laugh from time to time. Amuse everyone by sharing hilarious videos of your pets.

record hilarious videos pets

Did you know that the most viral videos of all times are pet videos? And do you know why? Because truth be said, everyone needs a good laugh from time to time and pets are simply hilarious.

There are countless funny pet videos, from cats talking to dogs singing along the radio or with a human. There are a ton of awesome pet videos, and the keyword “funny pet videos” ranks top on search engines.

Adorable pet videos are guaranteed to add a bit of sparkle to your day. Whether you appreciate a good trick, an endearing moment or a funny move. They always brighten up your mood and have you hugging your pet a little tighter.

Pets do things that completely amaze us and pet videos are an excellent concept. Through video you give your pet a “voice” and you allow the whole world to laugh with you. Pet videos are “feel good” videos!


Here are just a few examples of funny pet videos that you can search on Youtube and that will definitely make you smile:

1)   Labrador and Dolphin swim together

2)   Riding a wave of hope with Ricochet

3)   Baby Horse & dog play tag

4)   Husky dog talking “I love you”

Funny pet videos are typically recorded with a hand-held device, such as a smartphone or camcorder.

Usually the funniest pet videos are the ones that are recorded when your pet does not know that you are watching, because they are the most natural. When your pet has no clue that you’re around, you can catch them doing things that even you wouldn’t expect.

If you’re actually involved in the video with your pet, you can show that special connection you share, which can be cute, sweet and funny all at once!

Your pets are your best friends after all, so treasure the time you have with them, even on busy days, by having huge amounts of fun! Create wonderful videos of the very special moments and memories you have together.