The power of Veedmee for business

Veedmee is key to every business content strategy and is fundamental to help you grab your audience’s attention.

The power of video email for business

With Veedmee you can take corporate interaction to the next level. Veedmee enables you to bring your email messages to life, driving higher recipient engagement and making your email communication more dynamic, emotive and reliable.

The intuitive Veedmee app permits you to experience video email messaging for free and with no technical knowledge required. Send personal and business video emails to all your contacts, with no additional costs.

Veedmee is a risk-free solution. It ensures the security and safety of your corporate videos and messages with strong and multiple permission levels. It archives data with built-in compliance and the connections are firewall protected.

Through video email you encourage employees to participate in your actions and offer a more comfortable/enjoyable communication experience to organization members, business colleagues and customers.

Business people shaking hands, finishing up a meeting

Video email is likely to make more impact on viewers than simple text because it is more active and engaging since you can literally look into the sender’s eyes and develop a relationship that is simply impossible with typical emailing.

For that reason, video email has been considered by several marketers a great way to deliver communications to sales prospects and leads. Not only does it have a high view rate but also an exceptionally high click through rate.

Get your Veedmee app by clicking on the link below: , insert your details and begin sharing video messages to all your co-workers and business partners.

Share your emotions with Veedmee

Veedmee is a great way of sharing your emotions, it’s engaging and your personality really shines through, which builds a solid connection.

Share emotions with VeedmeeSharing content has become a part of the daily routines of Internet users, particularly, emotional content. Without emotions our life would be empty and colourless.

Emotions trigger reactions: anger, sadness, fear, joy, among many others. We go through many emotional states and often very intense feelings throughout the day, depending on what we do.

Most times we feel the need to share and show our feelings to others online when we come in contact with a strong emotion: exhilarating happiness or devastating sorrow.

With numerous features and functionalities, Veedmee is the number one platform for sharing emotions, as it promotes emotional connection in a way that no other can.

Currently, the Internet reaches virtually all parts of the world. The advances in technology have enabled users to freely express all their ideas, passions, riots, emotions online, giving inspirational calls to action around the world.

Share your emotions with Veedmee

If emotions are part of our day-to-day lives, they should be shared with the world. Use Veedmee to communicate your emotions with others in an extraordinarily original and engaging way.

Veedmee has come to dramatically transform the way society interacts, by considering emotion the number one factor of success in any business / personal relationship.

Using Veedmee will improve your communication skills and your understanding of people and emotions.

Share emotions with Veedmee!

Create humorous videos with Veedmee

Veedmee gives users the possibility to create short funny videos that can have a very large impact on business and social performance.

Create humorous videos with VeedmeeHumour is one of the most amazing aspects of human behavior as it is an extremely powerful communication instrument and one of the most important things we can have with someone else.

A message through humour is a form of entertainment and creativity that helps release life’s tension and a set of endorphins in the brain that produce an incredible feeling of wellbeing and relaxation.

Plus, humorous videos are the second-most-viewed genre of online video among the total population of online adults, as studies show that “31 percent of Internet users have watched or downloaded comedic or humorous videos and 7 percent do so on a typical day”.

Humorous video messages are extremely popular and if you have not recorded one yet, then you may be losing out on a great marketing tool. Funny short videos create new opportunities for artists and entrepreneurs/advertisers.

Create humorous videos Veedmee

Veedmee gives users the opportunity to create fabulous short humorous videos, with great quality and for free. The Veedmee app allows you to exchange funny messages with whomever you please, from your desktop or mobile device.

Veedmee provides a great level of experience to engage the viewer and enables you to go beyond the limitations, while boosting your potential with the power of video and audio.

Use your humour to lift people’s moods and video as its medium!

Humorous videos are among the most widely shared and are the most likely to go viral? So, what are you waiting for? Plan and create the funniest video ever made with Veedmee, and start a global laugh.

100 million users watch online video every day

Video is the most viewed medium on the Internet, 100 million online views per day, and is an incredible digital tool for businesses.

100 million users watch online video every day

According to recent studies, about 100 million online users watch video every single day. The truth is that video has repeatedly proved its ability to touch and engage people. Video content triggers immediate reactions and for that reason, it is more ‘shareable’ than plain text.

But how long do they spend watching video ads? According to ComScore, 6 minutes and 49 seconds per month. Still, not only the high rates of viewership count, but also the reasons that lead to a specific type of video content.

Even though video shares emotion and information like no other medium, the truth is that each video serves a different purpose but all must engage viewers within the first 20 seconds, otherwise they’re gone.

The key features that have contributed to the rise and development of video content are: emotion, speed, interactivity, shareability and its creative knowledge acquisition process.

Video is the most shareable content and also has the most “staying” power, and therefore, is the most viewed.

100 million users watch video every day

Evidently, the evolution of information technologies and the increasing usage of mobile devices have accelerated this process. However the truth is that video is a trend that has taken off over last few years but has come to stay since it can lead to thousands if not millions of views and a lot of buzz.

Video content has changed the way businesses market to consumers and has revolutionised business relationships and the way we communicate with one another in our day-to-day lives.