Video, the future of email

With the increased usage of email messaging, the question that remains open is: to what extent is video the future of email?

Video, the future of emailCapturing the attention of an audience through e-mail text has proven not to be an easy task. That’s why video is being increasingly used in the online and offline space.

As an excellent and different, but highly effective way of sending messages, video is becoming widely used as a major channel for distributing information and as a top strategic tool for communication.

Even in futuristic films there’s always a mention to video as a substitute of text messages and emails. Most movies actually announce the end of text messages as a means of communication.

This cinematographic reality has turned into a real one. The slow but consistent dissemination of video, as the preferred digital communication channel, has already begun.

The diversity of apps and extensions created to communicate through video is huge, and there are plenty of choices when it comes to video gadgets.

Nowadays, you can have videos embedded in emails, which means than instead of the traditional text message, you can now create customized videos and instantly send them to your contact list.

You can even personalize each video according to the mood, theme and style of the occasion, including the individual recipient’s name and perfectly fitting your marketing needs.

Video, the future email

That’s why most brands are starting to adopt video solutions as a primary means of reaching customers and larger audiences. This owes to the fact that video has demonstrated to be more persuasive than other types of content and as we all know, the human brain requires emotional input to make decisions.

With the Veedmee app, you can easily replace text emails for video, promoting your business and involving your contacts in a fun and exciting manner.

Recording videos with mobile devices

Recording video with mobile devices is increasing exponentially and so are the opportunities for businesses to explore.

Recording videos with mobile devicesWith the high penetration of mobile devices, users and consumers are increasingly recording videos, conducting searches and clicking ads almost exclusively on mobile devices.

Creating short videos became available to anyone with an interest in using it. Mobile devices allowed users to interact freely with whomever they wish, at any place and at any circumstance.

Sharing video content with the world is a great way to create awareness, show expertise and grow your brand as it simultaneously enables you to create and nurture relationships with clients, supporters and other professionals.

The history of mobile devices is quite recent, which means that the history of mobile devices that incorporate cameras and allow users to record video is even more current.

A group of Japanese brands were the first ones to venture into these areas. Between the years of 1999 and 2000, these pioneer brands offered to the general public, the first devices that challenged the personal computer’s dominance by enabling users to record videos.


Today, we witness a continuous process of technological integrations, in which mobile devices constantly exceed our expectations and are easily replacing small video cameras.

Capturing videos with good resolution is now a reality, and sharing them with our network of friends and coworkers, is a given. These devices brought a new mind set and freedom of expression.

Discovering the enormous possibilities that mobile devices put at your disposition is very well worth it. Apps like Veedmee grant you the power to exchange videos in real time, and with no costs associated.

Posting videos on social media

Social media sites are the major drivers of most of the web’s traffic, so why are they key to your business success?

Posting videos on social media

Videos are an awesome way of introducing concepts quickly and an extraordinarily effective form of giving meaning to brands.

The fact that a good video is very likely to go viral and stay on people’s minds for a long time, is the first good reason why you should stream your videos over the Internet, by posting them on social media sites.

Another important reason for posting your videos on social media channels: you can generate more views via search.

Social media sites can generate more views of your video, because once you post it, it is likely to appear directly on your contacts’ News feed, which draws more visibility to your ad/content and makes it easier for your friends to share it with their friends.

Posting videos social media

Also, because consumers usually search for interesting or useful videos on their social networks and Youtube, for example, is the second-largest search engine online. So if you want your video to go viral, it’s advisable that you upload it on this social media platform.

Having your video on social media sites will also make you benefit from social network integration, which makes your life a lot easier, as especially, a lot faster.

For example, let’s say you upload a video on Youtube. By simply clicking on it once you share it on Twitter, pin it from Pinterest, post it on Facebook, etc. Side note: never forget that inspirational videos get way more shares and engagement than sales messages.

People go on social media networks to have fun and to be entertained so in order for social media sites to boost your views and subscribers you have to post entertaining videos, that doesn’t mean you have to post dog videos or something completely off-topic just to get your audience’s attention, but it does mean you should create something fun that has a business purpose.

Still, this shouldn’t be a problem because with the set of tools available online today, making an unusual captivating video is easier than ever.

How to design effective video-marketing campaigns

All campaigns, no matter how big or small, should establish a set of goals they want to reach. Here are some ideas on how to design effective video-marketing campaigns.

How to design effective video-marketing campaigns

Video-marketing campaigns have proven to generate more sales but how can we ensure they are successful and reach their goals?

1 – Increase the number of views

The main goal of any video-marketing campaign is to increase the number of views. However, as it is widely known, video-marketing campaigns serve other purposes as well such as:

a)    Ensuring the video is seen more than once

b)   Augmenting the number of viewers

c)    Increasing brand exposure and awareness

2 – Reach the right target

One of the best ways of reaching the right target is through video-marketing since video allows you to send a customized message to each segment.

3 – Increase sales

A successful video-marketing campaign can easily increase sales as it creates emotional engagement with the consumers and most importantly, creates a top-of-mind consideration for the products.

How to design video-marketing campaigns

4 – Generate click-throughs

After watching a video, the brand wants the visitor to be converted into a buyer, which means that the video content should encourage the viewer to click in the predefined strategic buttons/sections.

5 – Create a long-lasting relationship with users

An important aspiration to have when conducting a video-marketing campaign is the establishment of long-lasting relationships with users. Creating a feeling of transparency and proximity with the brand should be top priority.

When well managed, video-marketing campaigns can bring several benefits such as more effectiveness, a larger base of consumers, a stronger impact on business performance or a significant revenue increase, for example.