Share your gym exercises in real time

Doing exercise doesn’t have to be a lonely activity. With Veedmee you can share real time videos of what’s going on at the gym.

Share your gym exercises in real timeEven if you can’t go to the same gym your friends go to or at the same time, working out doesn’t have to be a lonely activity. With Veedmee you can share videos of the exercises you are practicing and challenge them to do it as well.

Getting our body moving can now be a fun experience, wherever you are. Whether you’re running on a treadmill or lifting weights, you can be supporting your friends and receiving support, through the exchange of short motivational videos.

Besides, it’s a great way to stay in touch! By creating short clips of your workout program you can discuss ideas with your friends and even stimulate one another try harder and do better. Plus, it’s on of the best ways to generate new ideas on how and what to do!

This way, exercise can have an even more positive effect on your life and it doesn’t have to be confined to a health club. Debating experiences with friends or coworkers, that are striving to obtain the same goals, can be an incredibly engaging and efficient way to learn.

Exercising together, overcoming the distance barrier, keeps you encouraged and excited to try more!

Share your gym exercises real time

Moreover, you can even ask your trainers to include some “best tips” on your video so you won’t forget them! This type of partnership is very beneficial for both parties.

Another interesting idea is to re-watch your videos as you get home, by filming yourself you can learn a lot more than by simply doing it. Video gives you the possibility to review the exercise results, to carefully analyze your training and improve where you feel necessary.

And as the Veedmee App is compatible with Android, iOS and Windows devices, on top of everything, it’s extremely simple and convenient to use!

Study with Veedmee

Veedmee is a great way of helping you memorize all the information you need to pass the exam.

Veedmee is great fun! In a couple of seconds, anyone can record and share a short movie, but video can be quite useful too.

Student using tablet PC

Let’s say you have a very important exam, it is essential that you memorize the necessary information to pass. But memorizing is never an easy task, it’s hard, but we often need to do it, whether it’s for presentations, final exams or concepts we’ll need to mention.

With Veedmee memorizing can be fun, because you can record everything you need to know in seconds and on top of that, you can actually explain what each key fact means.Study Veedmee

This will provide a better understanding of the concepts you need to learn and will make the experience a lot more fun.

Even to exchange ideas about the exam with your friends for example, by sharing Veedmee messages of your doubts and/or of your understanding of the given subject.

Veedmee enables you to take good notes and share them with whomever you please, in a video format, while simultaneously allowing you to quickly and effectively ask for help if you get stuck.

Another advantage of recording the facts you need to know, on your smartphone or tablet, is that you can view and listen to those notes later. You can even organize your videos by subject.

So just identify what you need to learn, record it and avoid wasting time on trivial material.

Veedmee is definitely one of the keys to smarter studying! Create your first “study video” today and guarantee a Distinction!

Corporate video statistics

Corporate video is becoming a trend. Here are some corporate video statistics for you to consider.

Corporate video statisticCorporate video is becoming a trend for most companies and a key element in all sorts of corporate communications.

Developing and implementing a video content strategy has proven to have an enormous potential, not only in terms of reach but also in terms of brand recognition and in the establishment of new long-lasting relationships with customers.

Here we present some of the reasons why:

– Studies have shown that within 3 years, 90% of all Internet traffic will be video (Can you imagine?);

– 45% percent of people, who watch videos online, do it because they actively want to find out more about a product or service, before purchasing;

– Internationally, more than 100 million people watch online video on a daily basis;

– 56% of people who are online watch videos every day;

corporate video

– 80% of users recall a video ad they viewed in the past 30 days;

– 87% of executives believe video has a significant and positive impact on an organization, citing benefits ranging from enhancing the experience of telecommuters to saving money on travel costs and even attracting top talent;

– 8% of people who watch a video find out more about a service/product will then always then click on the brand website;

– 82% of tablet owners watch an online video on their device at least three times a week; 78% of iPhone owners do the same.

As you can tell from the statistics above, video is, in fact, increasingly favoured as medium for information consumption an entertainment.

So not using video in your corporate strategies is missing out on innumerous business opportunities and negatively impacting your business’s overall results.

Wish your parents a “Happy Mother’s or Father’s day” through Veedmee

It’s never easy to find the perfect gift for our parents. You may stop looking now! With Veedmee you can create a customized/personal message that will make their day.

Wish your parents a _Happy Mother’s or Father’s day_ through VeedmeeFinding the perfect gift for our parents is never an easy task. Veedmee is the solution for all your “Mother’s day / Father’s day” challenges.

For parents, what counts the most is the time they spend with you, not the material items, as the most important thing for them is that you feel happy and fulfilled.

So what do you think they want to spend their golden years doing? Just taking care of you the best way they know how and spending as much time as possible with you.

Whether it’s an anniversary party, Mother’s/Father’s day, or any other special occasion, the only thing they need is to hear from the person they love the most, how much you care about them.

Don’t waste any more money on expensive presents, just make something yourself! Something unique and special that will fill their heart with joy.

Wish your parents a _Happy Mother’s or Father’s day with Veedmee

Record an emotional short video with Veedmee and tell your parents how much you love them. You can include some memories of the times you had together, some significant things they’ve taught you, or even recall some funny stories!

An original/touching message has a lot more value than just a monetary gift, and your parents deserve nothing than the best. Create your personal Veedmee message for free and make your parents feel extra loved and cherished.