Bring your email communications to life through Veedmee

Veedmee streamlines your communications by enabling you to send and receive instant video messages to and from mobile devices.

Bring email communications to life through Veedmee

Veedmee is a highly efficient video-sharing app that enables users to exchange short video messages between a transmitter and a receiver or within a group, for free.

Complementarily, this innovative video platform also allows you to exchange email text messages from your computer or mobile device. Veedmee makes sure that the best moments of your life are recorded and shared with friends, family and teammates.

Video communication is increasingly used to connect people around the world and is changing the way we do things. With Veedmee you can use context of location in ways you never thought possible.

Veedmee brings your communications to a whole new level. Your life gains a new perspective and you can capture anything on your screen just about anywhere, anytime.

Bring your email communications to life through Veedmee

Veedmee gives movement to your ideas and creative projects. It unifies presence, instant messaging, video, text and voice. Through Veedmee you can capture and save any life event that may have had an impact on your day, in any environment. Veedmee is quick, convenient, and free.

Veedmee simplifies your life. Imagine you’re travelling through the Swiss Alps, with this mobile app, you can record any situation that you consider worthy of documentation and immediately share it with whomever you want to.

Why use video to report your life events? That’s an easy answer:

1. 78 percent of people watch at least one video a week and 55 percent watch every day.

2. Video generates excitement about a subject or concept and people find it easier to retain information.

3. Video apps give you the possibility to show any life moment in an entertaining/amusing way: walking, drinking, jumping, playing or just doing routine work can be as fun for others as they are for you.