Camera Vs. Smartphone

When shooting a video, what do you choose, your Camera or your Smartphone? Find out the main differences.
camera vs smartphone

Nowadays, most smartphones and tablets can shoot videos, in some cases extremely sharp, high-definition videos. The great advantage of smartphones is that you can carry them with you at all times, as the size and weight of a smartphone is very convenient.

But although smartphone cameras are improving, they are still missing some major features found in regular digital cameras. If you dream of features like optical zoom, manual focus and exposure controls, support for external microphones, and potentially limitless storage on flash media, you need a camcorder.

The features that smartphones have are usually automatic, not manual, limiting control over the photographic outcome. In other words, for anything beyond basic home movies, a camcorder is probably still the best option.

The problem with any camcorder is that it is heavier than a smartphone, and not as easy to bring with you.

camera smartphone

For everyday shooting needs, like your kids doing something funny or cute, or grandma blowing out the birthday candles, a smartphone is a lot more convenient.

Also it is extremely easy to share that video on Facebook or other social media platform, whereas very few camcorders incorporate Wi-Fi for direct uploading to social networks.

Still, the creation of good images requires a variety of factors which digital cameras are much more suited to fulfill. For instance, cameras have noise control and control settings to define the accuracy of white and other colors, whilst smartphone cameras don’t have those functionalities.

Camcorders or smartphones, which device is best? Both are fantastic options so your choice should depend on your specific needs!