Corporate video statistics

Corporate video is becoming a trend. Here are some corporate video statistics for you to consider.

Corporate video statisticCorporate video is becoming a trend for most companies and a key element in all sorts of corporate communications.

Developing and implementing a video content strategy has proven to have an enormous potential, not only in terms of reach but also in terms of brand recognition and in the establishment of new long-lasting relationships with customers.

Here we present some of the reasons why:

– Studies have shown that within 3 years, 90% of all Internet traffic will be video (Can you imagine?);

– 45% percent of people, who watch videos online, do it because they actively want to find out more about a product or service, before purchasing;

– Internationally, more than 100 million people watch online video on a daily basis;

– 56% of people who are online watch videos every day;

corporate video

– 80% of users recall a video ad they viewed in the past 30 days;

– 87% of executives believe video has a significant and positive impact on an organization, citing benefits ranging from enhancing the experience of telecommuters to saving money on travel costs and even attracting top talent;

– 8% of people who watch a video find out more about a service/product will then always then click on the brand website;

– 82% of tablet owners watch an online video on their device at least three times a week; 78% of iPhone owners do the same.

As you can tell from the statistics above, video is, in fact, increasingly favoured as medium for information consumption an entertainment.

So not using video in your corporate strategies is missing out on innumerous business opportunities and negatively impacting your business’s overall results.