Create “Behind the scenes” moments with Veedmee

Use Veedmee to give your clients’ access to “Behind the scenes” moments at your company.

Create “Behind the scenes” Veedmee

Shoot behind the scene clips at your company and send them to your clients. It humanizes your brand and your targeted audience feels invited to be part of your business.

You can go even further by putting some cameras in the hands of your employees and letting them create creative contents through Veedmee.

They can film internal meetings scenes, teamwork activities, teammates bonding and socializing with one another or with their supervisors. These are just some ideas out of many possibilities.Create “Behind the scenes” moments with Veedmee

This kind of atmosphere encourages a culture of respect and stimulates a relaxed and supportive work environment within the company, which is very important to ensure that employees are happy and dedicated to their work.

For example, each teammate could upload a short friendly video with Veedmee, saying who they are and what they do for the company, while mentioning the various services and products that the company has to offer.

Veedmee will boost your credibility and inspire your clients and prospects.