Create Food and cooking videos

Give life to your culinary adventures by recording food/cooking videos, make the most of it and turn your kitchen into a global workplace!

Create Food and cooking videosStart a new culinary investment and share with others all you’ve learned along the way, in an easy, convenient and portable way.

Why not gather your grandmother’s handwritten recipes and collate them in one interactive place? That way not only do you allow people to learn from them as you ensure they are saved for future generations!

By sharing these fabulous recipes, you will perpetuate the special family connection you have, and allow others to live it as well.

Some recipes should not be forgotten. When you invite others to be part of your culinary adventures, not only do you share with them your passion but also, receive their enthusiasm and support for the expansion of your dishes.

Compile the recipes you want to remember forever on a platform that is safe, easy to use, and that enables you to add all the stories that accompany each and every one of those precious writings.


By using Veedmee, you enable recipes not to be limited to people with a lot of time, experience or space, you make it possible for everyone to benefit you’re your learning experience, awesome dishes and expertise and in return you receive their support, feedback and encouragement.

In addition to visibility advantages, participation offerings and insights.

Your kitchen will become a fun haven where you will enjoy playing with food and that can be seen by your children, grandchildren and other family members, in real time.