Create humorous videos with Veedmee

Veedmee gives users the possibility to create short funny videos that can have a very large impact on business and social performance.

Create humorous videos with VeedmeeHumour is one of the most amazing aspects of human behavior as it is an extremely powerful communication instrument and one of the most important things we can have with someone else.

A message through humour is a form of entertainment and creativity that helps release life’s tension and a set of endorphins in the brain that produce an incredible feeling of wellbeing and relaxation.

Plus, humorous videos are the second-most-viewed genre of online video among the total population of online adults, as studies show that “31 percent of Internet users have watched or downloaded comedic or humorous videos and 7 percent do so on a typical day”.

Humorous video messages are extremely popular and if you have not recorded one yet, then you may be losing out on a great marketing tool. Funny short videos create new opportunities for artists and entrepreneurs/advertisers.

Create humorous videos Veedmee

Veedmee gives users the opportunity to create fabulous short humorous videos, with great quality and for free. The Veedmee app allows you to exchange funny messages with whomever you please, from your desktop or mobile device.

Veedmee provides a great level of experience to engage the viewer and enables you to go beyond the limitations, while boosting your potential with the power of video and audio.

Use your humour to lift people’s moods and video as its medium!

Humorous videos are among the most widely shared and are the most likely to go viral? So, what are you waiting for? Plan and create the funniest video ever made with Veedmee, and start a global laugh.