Email marketing through Video

Add value to your company by integrating video in your email marketing strategies.

Email marketing through Video

Recent studies show that 60% of marketers, out of 600 businesses, are using Video for email marketing purposes.

The reason behind this increased use of video may be the fact that it has been proven that Website visitors, for example, tend to stay longer on websites that have videos. More website traffic means more visitors which means more people to convert to leads and sales.

Another fact that may have contributed for this growth is that recent studies have revealed that simply mentioning the word “video” in an email’s subject line increased click-through rates.

The combination of video and email marketing has shown to be an effective strategy. But what is the best way of using Video as an email-marketing tool?

Video Advertising on Orange Keyboard Button.


Well, that varies from organization to organization. So what works best for your organization is something you will have to discover with time and experimentation.

Still, most marketers have stated that the most successful approach is to create a link from the email (which can be a thumbnail image of a video) to a video landing page or video in a website.

With the platform Veedmee you can include video in your email marketing campaigns without having to worry about length restrictions.

In terms of video email contents, video testimonials product demonstrations and thank you messages have proven to be a great selling point for your products and services.