The evolution of video technologies

The increased use and constant evolution of technology, mobile devices and online communications.

The evolution of video technology

Technology has evolved considerably each and every decade and truth be said, it has improved impressively convenience and efficiency in numerous ways.

Before technology was introduced in our day-to-day lives, most things were done manually and took (at the very least) twice the time. It seems crazy to think of our world without the technology we have today.

A couple of decades ago, back before technology, if you wanted to send a note to the office or to any of your co-workers, you simply handwrote, or typed on a mechanical typewriter. Afterwards you would have to ask someone to go down there, send it by post or deliver it yourself.

The evolution of video technologies

That is unthinkable in the technological Era we live today. Veedmee optimizes communication workflows for both the sender and receiver because it allows team members and supervisors to exchange information through video instead of text, which means both sender and receiver can exchange great amounts of information without having to move from their desks.

Sending video emails saves time and permits new levels of interaction between people because it creates a multi-user environment.

In the modern digital age, businesses are increasingly disconnecting from landline phones and doing all of their business either online or using cell phones. Mobile phones have improved from being shaped like a brick to very intelligent technology known as the iPhone!

These new phones, also known as smartphones, are constantly filled with new apps and new features. Veedmee is an innovative way of expanding technology, enabling productivity to grow.