How to properly edit a video?

Editing a video is not an easy task and there are many steps you have to follow but it is crucial if you want your video to be viewed by the public.

How to edit a video?

How to edit a video quickly and easily is a question that often comes up. Here’s a short explanation, which may be beneficial for you to learn the basics. Part of learning the basics, is reading a lot of new information about editing programs and exploring, step by step, all the functionalities.

Producing a successful video involves both shooting the video and editing it into a final production.

The editing process or post-production helps you stitch together multiple shots into a cohesive whole. If the filming process is one of creating, the editing process is one of re-creating.

The editing process is where you cut, rearrange, add effects, filters, audio and it includes a large amount of ‘gut feel’.  It is both challenging and emotional, requiring a lot of patience and rigor.

Here are some good editing programs to get you started: Windows Movie Maker, Adobe After Effects, Sony Vegas and Final Cut.

How to edit video?

Much of the editing process is trial and error, the editor ‘cuts and pastes’ various video and audio segments together.

Start by getting all the footage into an editing program, connect your camera to your computer and click the “Import” button. Edit the individual clips, one by one. Don’t try to do it all at once.

Alternate video angles and use several audio tracks, in order to make it a captivating and dynamic clip. Add a sound track by choosing music from your own library.

To delete video clips, just drag and drop your added video clip(s) from the clips pane to the editable timeline. Finally, upload it to a website or social network!