Make a video of your road trip

Use video to preserve all the adventures you have had over the years.

Make a video of your road tripA road trip is something that at some point or another in your life, you will want to experience.

Whether you want to want to hit the open road to find yourself or simply lose yourself along the way, a road trip is always a fun way of exploring a new country/city and bonding with friends/family.

The biggest benefit of a road trip is flexibility. It allows you a great deal of freedom. You can change your plans whenever you please and just go with the flow because you control the transportation.

However, there are still things you won’t want to miss or that you just don’t want to ever leave your mind. You’ll see things and do things that you may never do again…

So what’s the safest way of keeping those memories with you at all times?

Make video of your road trip

Grab your smartphone and record short videos of all the adventures you will have along the way. That way, you can capture those fleeting moments and are able to relive them in the present and preserve them for the future.

Road trips are bits and pieces of life you will want to save for later. With the Veedmee app you can store those periods of time (in a video format), re-watch and share them with others in real-time.

It adds up all the advantages of audio and video!

Download Veedmee from your device online and let others keep track of all your favorite places by creating a video gallery that can provide an impressive display of information!