How to record and send a Veedmee

With Veedmee you can record, send and receive videos anytime, anywhere. Learn how to!

How to record and send a Veedmee

The first step is to download the Veedmee app, it is completely free for individual users and you can load it on multiple gadgets, so when you switch from a tablet to a desktop or a smartphone, there’s no need to worry because Veedmee is compatible with both Apple and Android devices.


You just go on Veedmee’s website and on the superior right corner there’s a little green button which reads: Free sign up. Just click on that button to start your login. You can access this website from any device with Internet access!


You can activate your account by logging in with your e-mail and password. Choose an email address and a password and fill in the blank cells with that info, if you can’t remember your password, you can reset it. Please note that by clicking the blue Login button you accept the terms and conditions of use.


As soon as you tap the Login button, an e-mail page will instantly open your mailbox where you can find your sent and received Veedmees. From now you’ll login with your email and password and if you forget your password we’ll email it to you.

How to record and send Veedmee

On the top bar of the page you will find 5 buttons: Record, Mailbox, Archive, Files and Contacts. Once you’ve downloaded the app, all devices can start recording video right away.


To start recording you can click Menu>Record. A small screen will pop up and to start it’s as simple as to press and hold the record button with one tick. As soon as you are finished just chink the Stop button below and the frame will capture your video.


You can watch and re-watch your recorded video as many times as you please, before sending it to one of your contacts. Complete the “To:” “Cc:” and “BCc” gaps and pin the blue Send button Son the left inferior corner.


Your video will be sent instantaneously to the contacts you have designated and automatically saved on your archive if you wish. It couldn’t be easier, simpler or faster. Don’t wait any longer, download your Veedmee app straight away and exchange videos across the world.