Recording videos with mobile devices

Recording video with mobile devices is increasing exponentially and so are the opportunities for businesses to explore.

Recording videos with mobile devicesWith the high penetration of mobile devices, users and consumers are increasingly recording videos, conducting searches and clicking ads almost exclusively on mobile devices.

Creating short videos became available to anyone with an interest in using it. Mobile devices allowed users to interact freely with whomever they wish, at any place and at any circumstance.

Sharing video content with the world is a great way to create awareness, show expertise and grow your brand as it simultaneously enables you to create and nurture relationships with clients, supporters and other professionals.

The history of mobile devices is quite recent, which means that the history of mobile devices that incorporate cameras and allow users to record video is even more current.

A group of Japanese brands were the first ones to venture into these areas. Between the years of 1999 and 2000, these pioneer brands offered to the general public, the first devices that challenged the personal computer’s dominance by enabling users to record videos.


Today, we witness a continuous process of technological integrations, in which mobile devices constantly exceed our expectations and are easily replacing small video cameras.

Capturing videos with good resolution is now a reality, and sharing them with our network of friends and coworkers, is a given. These devices brought a new mind set and freedom of expression.

Discovering the enormous possibilities that mobile devices put at your disposition is very well worth it. Apps like Veedmee grant you the power to exchange videos in real time, and with no costs associated.