Selfie Vs. Veedmee

A Selfie captures a self-portrait; Veedmee records the authentic essence of a person.

Selfie Vs Veedmee

Selfies became a global phenomenon since the 2014 Oscar’s ceremony. From that day onwards, millions of people across the world started posting self-portraits (Selfies) of themselves on social media.

Selfie is the self-portrait of the digital era, Instagram has over 90 million photos posted with the hashtag #me.

A video says much more than 1000 thousand Selfies, because photographs only capture a moment in time, whereas video captures the total essence of your most special moments.

Not only do videos contain more details such as movement, dialogue, facial expressions, and consequently more emotional resonance but above all, videos are truer. Videos are more authentic.

Selfie Veedmee

When remembering a moment, you want to remember what it felt and sounded like, and a photograph can’t take you there, but a video can. A photograph only provides a piece of a frozen moment, with no context or naturalness.

We pose for photos, but even if we want to pose for a video, our spontaneity is always released and apprehended at some point as well as all the unpredictable things that happen in the surroundings, during the recording.

Now that smartphones can do video, and networks are fast enough to transmit and display video, why not connect with people in a more meaningful and truthful way by making video a global phenomenon too?