Send a video CV to your future employer with Veedmee

Recording a video CV with Veedmee is a great way of making your CV stand out from the piles of resumes that recruiters receive.

Send a video CV to your future employer

Stand out by recording a video CV with Veedmee and sending it to your future employer. A catchy and original CV is the best tool you have at your fingertips during a job hunt.

When shooting the video CV you have to take into consideration some important aspects:

– Your video CV should be clear, concise and enthusiastic;

– It should be tailored to the specific job and company you are applying for;

– Do some research and show you know about the company beyond what’s on their website but also how it aligns with what you can offer;

– Make eye contact, smile and use facial expressions to engage your targeted audience;

Send video CV to future employer

– Focus on things that tell why you fit for their requirements and give examples to illustrate your skills and attitudes;

– Don’t make your video too long (60 to 120 seconds). Grab your viewer’s attention early on;

– If possible appeal to the sense of humor, but in a light and pleasant manner.

With a video CV, the employer gets a feel for your personality, how motivated you are and can see that you would be a perfect fit within the team. They will remember your face and voice, which is much more powerful than a simple piece of paper.

Video CV’s express individuality. Video CV’s come in several different formats whereas paper CV’s, tend to have a set format which makes them less appealing and less communicative.