Share your gym exercises in real time

Doing exercise doesn’t have to be a lonely activity. With Veedmee you can share real time videos of what’s going on at the gym.

Share your gym exercises in real timeEven if you can’t go to the same gym your friends go to or at the same time, working out doesn’t have to be a lonely activity. With Veedmee you can share videos of the exercises you are practicing and challenge them to do it as well.

Getting our body moving can now be a fun experience, wherever you are. Whether you’re running on a treadmill or lifting weights, you can be supporting your friends and receiving support, through the exchange of short motivational videos.

Besides, it’s a great way to stay in touch! By creating short clips of your workout program you can discuss ideas with your friends and even stimulate one another try harder and do better. Plus, it’s on of the best ways to generate new ideas on how and what to do!

This way, exercise can have an even more positive effect on your life and it doesn’t have to be confined to a health club. Debating experiences with friends or coworkers, that are striving to obtain the same goals, can be an incredibly engaging and efficient way to learn.

Exercising together, overcoming the distance barrier, keeps you encouraged and excited to try more!

Share your gym exercises real time

Moreover, you can even ask your trainers to include some “best tips” on your video so you won’t forget them! This type of partnership is very beneficial for both parties.

Another interesting idea is to re-watch your videos as you get home, by filming yourself you can learn a lot more than by simply doing it. Video gives you the possibility to review the exercise results, to carefully analyze your training and improve where you feel necessary.

And as the Veedmee App is compatible with Android, iOS and Windows devices, on top of everything, it’s extremely simple and convenient to use!