Showing Portugal through Veedmee

With Veedmee you can create short clips of all the amazing you have had the privilege to visit in Portugal.

Showing Portugal through Veedmee

Video is the best way of introducing and promoting your country to the world and with the amazing Veedmee app you can film short clips of incredible Portuguese spots, for example, and bring your audience exactly to where you are.


Take your mobile device with you everywhere you go and create Veedmees of all the sights and scenery. The Veedmee application is extremely versatile since it is compatible with both Apple and Android devices, which makes it exceptionally easy to create and send your content.


With the Veedmee application you can represent your country and create an immediate impression on your target audience. It’s an incredible way of putting out there the passion for your home country and your unique vision of it in a very short time.


With Veedmee you can capture the attention of audiences on the other side of the globe and give them the opportunity to get a ‘feel’ of what Portugal looks like throughout the year: landscapes, cities, monuments & attractions, paradisiacal sites, nature, wildlife, and people. The great advantage of Veedmee is that you can save your short clips on your desktop and view them over and over again.

Showing Portugal Veedmee

By downloading Veedmee and using it on your tablet or smartphone, not only can you show something happening but also, at the same time, you can describe it in words. You will get to the conclusion that it’s a fantastic way of unleashing your creative side, flair, abilities and aptitude.


Veedmee creates a timeless record that can be played anytime and while you video-email it to your friends, family and co-workers, you can also upload it instantly on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social networks, significantly increasing its shareability.


Through the years, cities and villages gain new features and buildings, overall countries change but with Veedmee you don’t have to miss any of the memorable features you have always cherished so much, you can always remember them by keeping a timeless video record.


By creating a Veedmee of your country you can add details related to any field, which you want people to know about and perpetuate the natural wonders, resources, history and romance, that you love, honor and appreciate about your country.