Terms & Conditions

  • Relationship between the User and Veedmee

Any use of the services provided on Veedmee’s web page, including products, software, data flow, video player, etc, is subject to acceptance of the terms and conditions that form a contract between the user and Veedmee, represented by Wewow, Lda, with its head office in Rua de Moçambique 136, 4470-288 Maia, Portugal, email: info@wewow.pt.

The Terms set out in this document constitute a binding agreement between the user and Veedmee, concerning the use of the service.

The Terms apply to all users of the service without any exception, whether they contribute with content or use it.

Acceptance of the Terms is mandatory and it is not possible to use the service if this condition is not met. Use of the Veedmee service is in itself a guarantee that the user knows and understands all the Terms of use.

The user cannot use the service or accept its Terms if he or she is not of sufficient age to contract the Veedmee service, or is legally prevented from doing so by the laws in the country in which he or she resides or from where the service is accessed.

It is the user’s responsibility to maintain a digital copy of the Terms or print them, for his or her records.

Veedmee reserves the right to change the Terms of service whenever it must reflect any legislative or functional changes. The user must monitor such changes, by regularly consulting the Terms published on Veedmee’s webpage.

Should the user not agree with the changes that are brought into effect, he or she must immediately communicate termination of use of the service. Should he or she continue to use the service, the changes shall be taken as valid and the user considered to be in agreement with them.

To access Veedmee’s service, the user must create an account. When creating this account the user should supply the necessary information and keep his or her password confidential.

The user must inform Veedmee immediately if he or she believes there has been a breach of security or wrongful use of his or her account.

The activity within the account (towards Veedmee or third parties) is entirely the user’s responsibility.

  • Rules of Use

Use of a Veedmee account is subject to the following set of rules which the user must obey and acknowledge as being mandatory:

  • The user cannot change, modify or distribute any part of Veedmee’s software, website or service.
  • He or she cannot access Veedmee’s content by any other means other than the service’s functionalities.
  • The user may not sell access to the service, sponsorships or advertising, without express written authorisation from Veedmee.
  • He or she may not use Veedmee for commercial initiatives unless he or she has subscribed to a Marketing email plan.
  • Downloading information or reproducing or broadcasting content is not authorised, without explicit written consent from Veedmee.


  • Changes to the service.

Veedmee is an innovative service that is constantly improving and so the user accepts that it may undergo changes without prior warning, including temporary or permanent interruption to the service and discontinuity or creation of functionalities.

Responsibility for complying with the Terms of use lies entirely with the user, who shall assume the losses and damages attributable to Veedmee, should there be any consequences due to non-compliance.


  • Copyright

Should the user believe that any of his or her works protected by copyright of which he or she is the holder have been published, the user may present a request for notification of breech of intellectual property in order for them to be removed from the system, following confirmation of authorship and property.


  • Content

The user is solely responsible for the content that he or she publishes on the service, Veedmee being exempt from any responsibility for it.

Licenses, rights and authorisation for the use and disclosure of a particular content must be guaranteed by the user.

The user may not publish content considered illicit within the scope of the applicable law, or whose distribution is illicit on Veedmee.

Should the content not fulfil the requirements set out within these Terms, Veedmee may remove them and block the user’s access to the service without any prior warning.

Content may be published by other users, which may be classified as aggressive, inaccurate, offensive or indecent. The user relinquishes any rights or legal resources which it may have against Veedmee regarding this matter.

The inclusion of links to other websites is the responsibility of the user. Veedmee does not assume any obligation regarding third-party websites, or the losses or damages incurred by the user as a consequence of his or her involvement with such websites.


  • Veedmee’s content

The content that Veedmee makes available on its website and service and which is not produced and published by the users is owned and licensed by Veedmee and is subject to copyright, trademark or intellectual property rights. The copy, distribution or transmission of this content is prohibited without Veedmee’s prior written consent.

  • End of the relationship with Veedmee

The user may terminate his or her agreement with Veedmee if he or she wishes to discontinue the service, by making a written request for the account to be closed, sent to the address indicated at the beginning of this document.

Veedmee may terminate the agreement with the user and close his or her account if the user breeches the Terms set out herein, by legal imposition, if the service provided to the user is illicit, if the service provided is not commercially profitable, or if its discontinuity becomes part of Veedmee’s strategy.

After the present Terms have been terminated, all rights, obligations and responsibilities that the user and Veedmee have benefitted shall not be affected by such termination, and will continue to be applied indefinitely.

The Terms of this agreement shall be governed by Portuguese law, the Portuguese courts of law being the exclusive authority to judge any issues which may have to be resolved. However, should Veedmee so decide, it may issue injunctions or other judicial measures in any jurisdiction in any country.

Date: the 11th of April 2014