With Veedmee distance becomes proximity

Use Veedmee to be in permanent contact with your co-workers and friends.

With Veedmee distance becomes proximity

With globalization, business travel is on the rise and companies expect their employees to wring even greater productivity and efficiency from business trips.

Every year, there are thousands of conferences, seminars, and training sessions taking place all over the world.

Avoid unnecessary business trips, reducing costs for the company. If meeting in person is not an absolute must, use Veedmee and its modern communication tools instead. Veedmee helps you communicate your main ideas to your team or target audience, in very little time.

Veedmee distance becomes proximity

With Veedmee you’ll learn how to manage your time well. For instance, if you’re on vacation with your family or just spending family quality time on a Sunday, Veedmee is the perfect solution when you have make a last minute decision.

Or, on a completely different note, if you’re expected to have a period of time away from your family and friends, flooded with meetings and presentations, working non-stop on the preparation needed for these events, take 5 minutes to exchange videoemails with them.

No matter how tired you are, seeing a smile on your kids face is all you need and is a beautiful reminder of what really matters.

Don’t let distance come in the way.  Use Veedmee to be professional and productive at the same time.