Veedmee, an engaging way of connecting with your family

Sharing and recording Veedmees with your family is an original way of making the best out of the time you spend together.
veedmee family

Spending quality time with your family is a corner stone to success and one of the most precious things you can have in life. However, it is well known that nowadays life is quite hectic, especially for working parents.


So how why not create an opportunity to bond and enjoy an incredibly creative experience together? With Veedmee you can record and share short interactive videos that will surely give everyone a laugh.


A short video is a fantastic starting point for any conversation and a series of short videos can save all the special family moments that happen offline, so no one ever forgets them.


Family moments are priceless and too often lost in everyday life. And, over time, children will forget most of their young memories but with Veedmee you can record it all for them.

veedme family engaging

Veedmee enables you to engage with your family in a whole new way, a whole new dimension, even when you can’t be physically there. By sending and receiving Veedmees you never risk missing out on the fun.


Thanks to the Veedmee app you can capture all your unexpected family moments without having to carry around a heavy camera.


So challenge and encourage your beloved ones to tell stories and share laughs whilst you catch it all on your mobile device.


Additionally, with the Veedmee app you can posteriorly upload your short clips to any social network and rapidly spread it through online sharing.