Use video to share breaking news with your clients

Connecting to clients and prospects through video is proven to generate results. Find out why.
Use video to share breaking news with your clients

Video is a great approach for company’s to share breaking news with clients and solicit feedback. It’s a simple and easy way for businesses to promote their products or services and to keep their customers up to date with the latest news, specials and information.

Sharing information with your clients is fundamental to your business. Clients enjoy being part of the creative process and seeing their dreams and wishes come true. Clients enjoy a more complete, thorough and professional experience as the one Veedmee’s app can provide.

When creating an informative video for your clients, include information about your company’s latest notable achievements, charitable events and company anniversaries, or tell your existing or prospective customers about your new products, services, special offers, promotions, etc.

Develop a genuine interest in your client’s needs; clients like to be clear about what is expected of them and how they are perceived. Keep them informed in a regular basis.  If you go a while without hearing from or reaching out to a client, the relationship isn’t going to go anywhere or do much for either party. 

Use video to share breaking news with clients

In an ideal world the best way to show a video to clients is to bring the client into your office but if it turns out to be impossible, use Veedmee to send it to their inbox but make a phone call afterwards, to ensure they properly received it and to know their honest opinion. You stand a good chance of retaining your clients when you show them you care.

In your relationship with clients not only is it important that you check in on them and catch but also make sure to update them consistently of what is happening with the job they have hired you to do. Client retention is vital to your business’ growth and profitability.Strengthen your relationship with them by investing in the videos you send through Veedmee.Make high-quality videos with well thought content. If you neglect your clients, they may take their business elsewhere.

Make your clients feel important. If you show you care, you will have no trouble in getting your clients to return many times over.