How can you make your video go viral?

Having a video go viral is every marketer’s dream. Here are seven tips on how to make your video a huge success.
how make video go viral

Everyone knows by now, how powerful online video can be for visibility and growth. Making your video go viral is easier than it seems. Here are some tips to help you integrate online video in your marketing efforts and who knows, become the next social media phenomenon.

1) The most important element of online video is the content within the videos. Once the direction of the content is chosen, you should follow it up by creating a strategic plan. Integrate the video in the context of an overall marketing plan rather than viewing the video as the plan itself.

2) Reach out to relevant online influencers about a month in advance. Choose influencers who you know will relate to the theme you are exploring.  Just because someone has a large audience, doesn’t automatically make them an ideal partner. Do your research and choose wisely.

3) Use humor in your video. Humor, as a tool, should be used responsibly. If you want your video to make people laugh or smile, don’t “just add humor” as an afterthought, make sure that goal is captured before you put the video online. Test the script with your co-workers and make sure you choose the type of humor that best serves the story and your audience.

how can you make your video go viral

4) Don’t make your video too long! Statistics indicate people will watch approximately 3.5 minutes of a video before they get bored. It is recommended that your video last less than that. Viewers enjoy shorter clips.

5) In order to generate massive views and to move people to click that little “like” button and share the video with others, aim to make it friendly and warm. People are more likely to watch and even to contribute to your campaign if your videos feel friendly and authentic.

6) Don’t record your video somewhere where it’s noisy or windy. The voices in the video have to be audible.

7) Don’t forget, the message is the most important but it is best received within entertainment.

Now good luck and remember: nothing will unveil the true voice of your brand more than a great viral video.