Video mapping: a widely practiced technique

The video mapping technique, that became renowned for its efficiency in marketing campaigns, is nowadays extremely used for all sorts of communication purposes.

Video mapping- a widely practiced techniqueThe video mapping or projection mapping technique is a 3D projection on  a three dimensional projection on a building, bridge, tower or any other architectural object based on its geometry and location in space.

Video mapping is mostly used punctually during major outdoor cultural events and its success is linked in some way to the emotional involvement it creates.

It’s surprising and exciting provided that the public gets to experience both the physical and the virtual space.

“3D or “three dimensional” means that by using specialized software, a three dimensional object is spatially mapped out in a virtual environment” and is projected in a way that makes the image fit perfectly on several irregularly shaped screens.

This form of interactive video is quite new but is gaining popularity worldwide. Through this technique, artists and brands can create videos with large dimensions and optical illusions, simulating the motion of static objects.

Video mapping- widely practiced technique

Usually, audio visual narratives (that include image and sound) are created and developed, resulting in a combination of scenes that  turn the movement into amazing light shows.

Many European capitals have been stage to astonishing video mapping shows where an individual speech turns into an absolutely incredible virtual visual spectacle.

These architectural projections take place in the city centres, captivating all citizens and providing them with the opportunity to watch and have an unfergettable experience.