The video marketing goals

It is widely agreed that video marketing is the future for brands and businesses but what are its main goals?

The Video marketing goals

Advertising products through video is becoming increasingly popular among marketing professionals. But what are video marketing main goals?


The first important objective of including video in marketing campaigns is the fact that it is proven to be an extremely efficient way of exposing brands and businesses to the world. Not only because it is proven to be an effective way of connecting with audiences but also because it is the fastest and simplest way of communicating across national borders.


Secondly, because video has established itself as a great method of increasing sales, nurturing and leads generation. An increase of 51% was reported in subscriber-to-lead conversion rates when video was included in an email marketing campaigns.

The third purpose of using video in email marketing campaigns is related with its capacity of augmenting interactivity. By sending and receiving video messages, you create proximity ties with your present and future co-workers and customers, and build positive feelings towards your business. A recent study reveals that 40% of online users interact more easily with a video than with a text message.

The Video Mkt goals

To incorporate video in your marketing campaign and in order for your video to be successful within your targeted audience, the only thing you have to consider before recording it is to plan the messaging, production and delivery method in advance.


It is also agreed amongst marketers that the preferred channel to disseminate video is via e-mail because video increases the opening rate of emails in email marketing campaigns. A recent study showed that more than 65% of online users use email to diffuse video.


The video-email app, Veedmee, creates short-videos and enables you to record and exchange them directly from your email account. It’s simple, easy and has demonstrated to be very beneficial too boost and enhance both B2B and B2C communications.

With Veedmee, helps you achieve broad, generalized goals because simple messages acquire a strong meaning and you are given the possibility of creating corporate, instituitional or private videos and of sending them instantly to the office or to your family, anytime, anywhere. Time and distance are no longer barriers.