Video: an original way of teaching your children

Video, an original way of teaching your children

Video, an original way of teaching your children

Motivating students to be (enthusiastically) receptive to learn new things, is not an easy task. Video is a great way of inspiring and enlightening kids to be creative and confident, to give their all and to try to achieve something, to chase their dreams.

Because it combines audio and image, video tells stories that are emotionally powerful. While kids are receiving the logical information, they are simultaneously listening to music and watching a sequence of images that portray what’s being said or written.

Video constitutes a fantastic teaching tool because of its versatility, not only does it engage students by connecting ideas with emotion, but also, makes them active participants in the learning process.

For instance, if you are teaching geography and giving an insight about all the different cultural realities that exist across the globe, isn’t video the most authentic way of showing the complexity of the issue at hand?

Video, original way of teaching your children

Using digital images/video in the classroom is a great way to of bringing life to lessons because it allows students to use a variety of skills, helping them to grasp and retain information. It sparks communication and stimulates students to be focused.

Teachers can also challenge students by having them create their own videos. These videos can have several themes and may encourage kids to play outdoors, make friends, connect with nature, enjoy unique experiences, live a healthy life, and last but not least, do their homework!

Videos promote discussion and discovery, incentivizing kids to be mentally involved and to make connections to the world beyond their classroom walls.

An enjoyable learning environment, that is fun, open, respectful, caring and safe, provides children with the confidence and foundation to help them attain their all their goals and become happy civilized adults.