Video techniques: Time-lapse

Time-lapse is a video technique that captures footage at a lower frame-rate than normal. Learn more about this creative method of sending your message across.  

Video techniques- Time-lapse

Time-lapse is one of the most spectacular video techniques and the perfect way to deliver your message to social media users with fleeting attention spans. But how does it work?

This video technique gives an accelerated view of slowly changing events. For example, a camera with time-lapse capability takes a series of still pictures or frames, one right after the other (usually 24 frames per second) over an extended period of time.

When the captured images are played back as video, time appears to be moving faster and everything else moves much quicker than normal. It’s like the opposite of slow motion.

The interval of time can be anything from less that a second to a day or more. Because they are an incredible way to show “normal” things happening in a very pronounced way, time-lapse videos are everywhere these days.


Owing to the fact that they are so fascinating, time-lapse videos are increasingly becoming a common marketing tool for brands across the globe.

Time-lapse videos are not only fun, they’re a practical way to enhance a marketing strategy.

These types of videos are perfect for brands to promote products and/or services that involve slow changes over a long period as they can tell the product’s story in a short punchy way.

Grab your camera get your first time-lapse video done!