Video, the future of email

With the increased usage of email messaging, the question that remains open is: to what extent is video the future of email?

Video, the future of emailCapturing the attention of an audience through e-mail text has proven not to be an easy task. That’s why video is being increasingly used in the online and offline space.

As an excellent and different, but highly effective way of sending messages, video is becoming widely used as a major channel for distributing information and as a top strategic tool for communication.

Even in futuristic films there’s always a mention to video as a substitute of text messages and emails. Most movies actually announce the end of text messages as a means of communication.

This cinematographic reality has turned into a real one. The slow but consistent dissemination of video, as the preferred digital communication channel, has already begun.

The diversity of apps and extensions created to communicate through video is huge, and there are plenty of choices when it comes to video gadgets.

Nowadays, you can have videos embedded in emails, which means than instead of the traditional text message, you can now create customized videos and instantly send them to your contact list.

You can even personalize each video according to the mood, theme and style of the occasion, including the individual recipient’s name and perfectly fitting your marketing needs.

Video, the future email

That’s why most brands are starting to adopt video solutions as a primary means of reaching customers and larger audiences. This owes to the fact that video has demonstrated to be more persuasive than other types of content and as we all know, the human brain requires emotional input to make decisions.

With the Veedmee app, you can easily replace text emails for video, promoting your business and involving your contacts in a fun and exciting manner.